Old Greek House
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Old Greek House Restaurant
Old Greek House Restaurant
The Old Greek House is nestled in the village of Mustafapasa. This quaint village in the heart of Cappadocia was previously called Sinasos which means the "The City of the Sun".
It was by pure chance that in 1992, the Ozturk family became involved in the restaurant and hospitality business. They converted the Old Greek House into a restaurant and it  soon became one of the most celebrated and famous restaurans in Cappadocia. 

The Old Greek House is still ran by the Ozturk family and the famous dishes are all prepared by the owners wife Emine. The magic of hundreds of years are still vibrant and alive here. 

As you enter the doors of Old Greek House be ready to feel the magic of the past and feel the beauty all around you all the while you are eating some of the most delishes dishes of Cappadocia. A walk through the valleys of this undiscovered gem leaves the visitor in awe of its beauty and a sense of timeless history of generations past and present. 
Old Greek House Hotel
 As you enter the doors of Old Greek House be ready to feel the magic of the past and feel the beauty of today all around you.
The Mansion known as "Asmali Konak" for years is one of the traditional old Greek Houses in fact. Now, it is in service as a hotel named "Old Greek House". The house has built
Are there flights to Cappadocia? Yes. You can either fly to Kayseri (75km to Mustafapasa) or Nevsehir (55km to Mustafapasa) airports. There are 3 direct flights to Kayseri from Istanbul and 1 flight
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Old Greek House